Cash-Out Refinance to Eliminate Credit Card Debt

Cash-Out Refinance to Eliminate Credit Card Debt

If you’re looking to eliminate your credit card debt, a Cash-Out Refinance is the way to go.  Even in these trying times, homeowners can look to the equity that they have built up in their homes, through rising home values and payments made on the loan, to solve their high-interest debt issues.

While many businesses are closing their doors right now, our digital mortgage program, The 5 Minute Loan Approval, will allow you to go from start to finish on your mortgage without ever having to go into an office.

This will allow for even borrowers sheltering-in-place to relieve their credit card burden through a Cash-Out Refinance.

High-interest rate credit cards are not a long-term answer for managing the budget.  The payments can become overwhelming, and the rates can make your debt balloon rapidly.  Even during good times, the average family carries $16,000 in credit card debt.

You’re not the only person who needs help with credit card debt. 

Credit card debt in the United States had exploded, passing $1 trillion dollars in 2017 and not slowing down.  The explosive growth of credit card debt has led millions of Americans to try riskier and riskier investments to get out of debt, and pushed them to payday loans and even car title loans, which are real scams.

Instead, focus on ways to get out of debt that help you.  A Cash-Out Refinance folds that debt under your low-interest rate mortgage, and with rates so incredibly low, you’ll be able to save thousands in interest payments.

The best part of a Cash-Out Refinance?  With every refinance, borrowers can take two months off from making payments on their loan and put that money back in their pockets.  What would you do with two months off from your mortgage, especially in times like this?

Take advantage of incredibly low interest rates and skyrocketing home values and refinance today.  Stop paying those greedy credit card companies and start sleeping at night.

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